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Alcom Services, Inc. is a full-service Telecommunications Contractor serving many Industries such as Education, Finance, Health Care, Local & State Governments and Corporate Enterprises throughout the United States.

Our team strives to be the technical solution for voice, data, video, sound, security, and video installations. We offer a wide variety of turnkey solutions, from fully capable LAN integration, with state of the art structured cabling systems with optical fiber connectivity.

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The history and test of time

Alcom Services was established in early 1998 working on small electrical projects and some small telecommunications projects as well. Not long after our start we landed some larger telecommunications projects that got things really going to grow the business to become what it is today. Alcom Services incorporated in 2000 and after almost 25 years of business Alcom Services, Inc. is a multi-million dollar company and has become one of the major telecommunications contractors in the Charlotte area and has branched out to reach many Industries such as Education, Finance, Health Care, Local & State Governments and Corporate Enterprises throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Providing highest quality at a great value

Alcom Services started with a vision to serve its customers with the best service possible at reasonable rates and today we have a reputation of the highest quality on all projects because of the highly experienced employees most effective and efficient with projects being completed on schedule or before and we still have very reasonable and competitive rates nearly 25 years later.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the best quality services we can provide without compromising our values and beliefs. Our Goals are to develop effective leadership with integrity, hire reputable & qualified employees, to provide quality services with quality products, to offer competitive and reasonable rates, to develop good relationships with our customers and to continually be developing new innovative ideas to benefit our customers.