Information Technology

Here at Alcom Services, we’re capable of accommodating all of your IT needs. We offer turn-key installations for all IT equipment, and processes.

We offer turn-key installations for all IT equipment, and processes.

In addition, we also offer full ERP planning and installation. This includes meetings with your key staff, finding the best ERP solution for your company, and following through every step along the way. As this is a lengthy endeavor, it’s almost invaluable to have an on site hand to answer your questions and attend to your needs. We guide you from conception of the idea, to after implementation is complete. This greatly reduces the weight and stress of a large change like this for your employees that matter the most.

Feel free to ask us questions via our contact page, we have many employees ready to assist you in improving your business!

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Knowledgeable & Skilled IT Professionals

Alcom Services employs in house BiCSi Registered Communications Distribution Design (RCDD) for Engineering & Design of Network Structured Cabling Systems and Cisco CCNA, Comptia A+, knowledge required for Network+ and AWS Associates. We offer Project Management for all aspects of any project. Our IT specialists are available to suit your needs, all the way from large scale integration projects and company support, to basic hardware update plans.

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Providing highest quality IT service at a great value

We offer our technicians and IT personnel together as a turnkey process, vastly reducing headache for your managers. We work great together! Whatever your company needs, we can provide working solutions custom tailored to each individual project. We offer a wide variety of turnkey solutions, from fully capable LAN integration, with support for load balanced server virtualization and much more.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the best quality services we can provide without compromising our values and beliefs. Our Goals are to develop effective leadership with integrity, hire reputable & qualified employees, to provide quality services with quality products, to offer competitive and reasonable rates, to develop good relationships with our customers and to continually be developing new innovative ideas to benefit our customers.